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English Language Advisory Council

The purpose of the English Learners Advisory Committee is to advise the principal and school staff on the needs, programs, and services for English Learners and on the development of the School Plan (SPSA) and budget as it pertains to English Learners.

The annually required tasks for ELACs are:

  • Provide training for EL parents on the various components of the HUSD Master Plan for English Learners

  • Oversee the explanation, distribution, data collection, and data reporting pertaining to the annual ELAC Surveys

  • Advise site leadership on ways to improve student attendance

  • English Learner Advisory Committee


What is an English Language Learner?

An English language learner is a student whose native language is not English and who is still developing their English language skills.  Other terms we use to describe an English language learner are

  • Student EL
  • LEP
  • English as a Second Language Student (ESL/ELD)
  • English Language Learner (ELL)

An English Language Learner is considered a Fluent English Student (FEP) when s/he accomplishes the School District's requirements for reclassification.

When is it required that my school has an ELAC Committee?

Every school that has 21 or more English Language Learners should have an active Language Advisory Committee.

WHO is the ELAC Committee for? 

  • Parents of English Language Learners
  • Parents of reclassified students
  • Parents interested in being involved in decisions regarding the programs and services that ELL students receive in the school and school district

WHAT is ELAC for?

  • To advise the principal and teachers about programs and services for English Language Learners in the Single Plan (SPSA)
  • To provide budget recommendations to the School Site Council (SSC), through an SSC ELAC representative, for the programs and services provided for ELL students
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of topics related to the needs of the English Language Learner parents

WHAT does ELAC do?

The ELAC Committee advises the School Site Council in at least four tasks:

  • Development of the section of the Single Plan related to English learners
  • Evaluation of the results of annual ELAC surveys in relation to school needs
  • Explanation of the Language Census (R-30)
  • Discussion of ways to improve student attendance

What is ELAC's general structure?

  • Elected officialsChairperson/president, vice-chairperson/ vice-president, secretary
  • Elected representatives: SSC representative, DELAC (District-level English Learner Advisory Committee) representative
  • General assembly: voting members (parents of English learners or of reclassified students) and nonvoting members (other parents, teachers)

What are the duties of the chairperson?

  • Conduct all ELAC meetings
  • Be fair and impartial
  • Keep order
  • Establish sub-committees when necessary
  • Involve the committee in all aspects related to ELL school programs
  • Sign all required documents related to alternative bilingual programs (*budget should not be signed without the SSC's approval)

What are the vice-chair person's duties?

  • Assist the chairperson
  • Accomplish the chairperson's duties when s/he is absent
  • Write reports for the chairperson about each meeting attended

What are the secretary's duties?

  • Take notes (minutes) during each meeting
  • Ensure that the minutes are approved
  • Keep a list of the members of the committee, and present it to the designee for taking attendance
  • Publish signs with information regarding the meetings
  • Accomplish any and all responsibilities assigned by the committee

*An assistant secretary may also assist with the minutes and perform the secretary's functions when the secretary is absent

What are the duties of the School Site Council representative?

  • Attend all SSC meetings
  • Represent and provide a report on ELAC in every matter discussed in official meetings of the SSC
  • Advocate and protect ELL academic achievement in relation to matters discussed by the SSC
  • Report SSC decisions regarding ELAC, including budget-related, to ELAC

What are the DELAC representative's duties?

  • Attend monthly DELAC meetings and provide ELAC with a written report
  • Help with and attend workshops and activities on behalf of the school's parents, the school district, and DELAC
  • Attend meetings to organize the agenda
  • Attend forums/symposiums at the district level

How will ELAC committee meetings proceed?

  • The committee should establish the date, time, and place for meetings.
  • There should be at least eight meetings per school year.
  • A quorum should be established to make decisions; it needs a simple majority vote (51%).